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Babylon Human Translation is a vivid marketplace connecting between people that need translations and experienced translators from all around the world. It is our aim to make the perfect match between needs and qualification.

To learn more about our service and to gain the greatest benefit out of it, please
read our: FAQ for Customers FAQ for Translators
FAQ for Translators

Babylon Translations offers freelance translators a venue of constant additional income. We aim to give you a sound and easy to use work environment. To do so we have close interactions with our growing team of translators and we are ready to adapt to their needs. As quality comes first Babylon Translations avoids exploitation of skilled translators by dumping rates, bidding systems and unrealistic deadlines.

Babylon Translations would be proud to share with you the motto: Translation, profession and passion.

Becoming a member of our translation team is risk free and free of charge.

Right after you have been accepted as a new member on our team you will receive job offerings that fit your qualification and language pairs. You are not obliged to accept the job offered to you. Choose when to work for Babylon Human Translation and on what projects according to your other duties and translation jobs.

Note: Still there is an internal ranking system and translators that are more available for Babylon project will have higher chances to be offered jobs more frequently than colleagues who hardly join translation jobs at Babylon.

Please open up an account and let us know in your profile that you are a translator. Share with us in your profile as many details as possible about your qualifications and experience (include a CV, memberships of translator associations, fields of expertise, website and computer skills). We will review your profile as soon as possible and hopefully approve you as a translator. From that moment on you will receive new job offers by Babylon Translations per email.

We are looking for new team members who take pride in their profession and are committed to excel.

Babylon Translations offers currently translations in the following language combinations:

  • English to Afrikaans
  • English to Albanian
  • English to Arabic
  • English to Bulgarian
  • English to Chinese
  • English to Croatian
  • English to Czech
  • English to Danish
  • English to Dutch
  • English to Estonian
  • English to Finnish
  • English to French
  • English to German
  • English to Greek
  • English to Hebrew
  • English to Hungarian
  • English to Italian
  • English to Japanese
  • English to Korean
  • English to Latvian
  • English to Lithuanian
  • English to Macedonian
  • English to Norwegian
  • English to Polish
  • English to European Portuguese
  • English to Brazil Portuguese
  • English to Romanian
  • English to Russian
  • English to Serbian
  • English to Slovak
  • English to Slovenian
  • English to Swedish
  • English to European Spanish
  • English to Latin American Spanish
  • English to Turkish
  • English to Urdu
  • English to Persian
  • English to Hindi
  • English to Indonesian
  • English to Thai
  • English to Filipino (Tagalog)
  • English to Ukrainian
  • English to Vietnamese
  • English to Swahili
  • Afrikaans to English
  • Albanian to English
  • Arabic to English
  • Bulgarian to English
  • Chinese to English
  • Croatian to English
  • Czech to English
  • Danish to English
  • Dutch to English
  • Estonian to English
  • Finnish to English
  • French to English
  • German to English
  • Greek to English
  • Hebrew to English
  • Hungarian to English
  • Italian to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Latvian to English
  • Lithuanian to English
  • Macedonian to English
  • Norwegian to English
  • Polish to English
  • European Portuguese to English
  • Brazil Portuguese to English
  • Romanian to English
  • Russian to English
  • Serbian to English
  • Slovak to English
  • Slovenian to English
  • Swedish to English
  • European Spanish to English
  • Latin American Spanish to English
  • Turkish to English
  • Urdu to English
  • Persian to English
  • Hindi to English
  • Indonesian to English
  • Thai to English
  • Filipino (Tagalog) to English
  • Ukrainian to English
  • Vietnamese to English
  • Swahili to English

Babylon Human Translation will expand its coverage of languages soon and we are actually keeping records of translators with other language pairs. We will add more languages based on our customers' needs and the availability of translators, so we are happy to receive your applications.

The rate you are paid for your work depends on size of the work and the needed skills (expert translations)

To facilitate the payment procedure Babylon Translations pays you through PayPal. As soon as you have submitted a translation and the customer accepted it your Earning account will be credited according to word counts of the translation project.

Translators requesting payment through PayPal: After reaching a credit of at least 40 USD you can claim and receive your payment through your account panel.

Please remember that PayPal might deduct its transaction fees from what we pay you, according to your account type.

In order to claim your funds you need to:

  • Reach at least an earning account of 40 USD in case you request your payment through PayPal.
  • For individual payments procedures, such as bank wire transfer, you have to reach at least an earning account of 200 USD and request a withdrawal of at least 200 USD.
  • Request your payment through your account panel.
  • Use the comment text area to let us know how you want to be paid. Take care to enter full and correct details.
  • Please send your invoice to Translator Invoice.
  • Note that we release payments once a month: Payments are made on the 1st day of the month, subject to small changes according to the actual working days of each current month.

We want our customers to have trust in our service, to get reliable and fast results. Information about a new translation project is sent out to a couple of suitable translators. The translator who is first to accept this project through the 'Translation Jobs" panel, will get the job. From that moment on - to avoid any double work - this job becomes unavailable to all other invited translators.

With every new job offering you will be informed about your deadline. Please check carefully if you can keep this deadline before accepting a translation project. If you do not submit the translation on time, the project will be re-opened for other translators. You will not be able to choose the same project again, nor will you get paid for the project. In addition, missing out on deadlines will influence your rating within the team and you are less likely to receive future jobs.

We carefully examine such cases. In a first step we will try to resolve the conflict by requesting corrections and improvements by the translator. If this doesn't succeed, we will pass on the job to another translator. We keep the right to act on our discretion as to whether the first translator is eligible for a payment or, if we see that we have fallen victims to fraud, the payment will be drawn back. We will act taking care of both, the customer's satisfaction as well as keeping our team of translators on the requested level of professionalism.

If you think that our decision is an injustice towards you, please e-mail us.

You are. The text window on the Project Detail page is no work space. This text window is to be used only for pasting your finished translation for submission. Using this text window for making your translation might lead to data loss in case your Internet connection gets lost or your session on LingoZ ends. Please copy the text to be translated to a file on your local computer and save your work frequently.

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